March 9, 2003

ATV Rollover Halts ABP Live Video
No One Injured as Darkness Hid Pitfall on Border Trail

Nighttime photo shows damage to American Border Patrol microwave antenna caused by rollover of All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) it was mounted on. According to ABP, the antenna served as a sort of roll-bar, helping avert injury to the driver.
Palominas, AZ -- March 9, 2003 (ABP) -- What started out as a successful mission turned sour Saturday evening as American Border Patrol's BorderCam was damage in a rollover accident. The accident occurred as the BorderCam ATV was being positioned to send images from a heavily used nighttime crossing spot West of Naco, Arizona. The BorderCam had just been used to send images of 50 Suspected Border Crossers up to the Internet as part of a two day mission to aid a rancher whose property is being overwhelmed. The accident occurred because the rider could not see a deep crevasse in the border road. According to ABP, the BorderCam should be fully operational by week's end.

Border Patrol Honks to Thank ABP
Six Suspected Border Intruders Picked Up

Video clip of apprehension of Suspected Border Intruders in the San Pedro River wash south of Arizona State Route 92. (12:20 pm MST)
Palominas, AZ -- March 9, 2003 (ABP) -- Following the successful apprehension of six Suspected Border Intruders on a report from American Border Patrol, ABP "Hawkeyes" reported that departing BP agents honked and waived at them as they departed the scene. " I have the distinct feeling that most Border Patrol Agents appreciate the fact that we are all on the same side of this issue," observed Glenn Spencer, Executive Director of American Border Patrol. During the current mission, ABP has reported a total of 53 SBIs that were apprehended by the BP.

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