February 23, 2003

ABP Tests Infrared Camera
First Step in Developing 24-hr Capability

Internet screen grab of IR image taken by ABP in total darkness at 9 pm Saturday night near U.S./Mexico border.
Night Operations Challenge
Due to increased efforts by the U.S. Border Patrol, brought on in part by demands of the American people, many illegal border crossers have taken to the cover of night to invade the United States. American Border Patrol is working to apply the latest technology to solve the problem of night detection. To overcome this problem, American Border Patrol is working to develop the means by which it can detect and photograph illegal border crossers at any time, night or day.

ABP's new Raytheon PalmIR 250 was used to send live infrared images of border activity over the Internet.
Infrared Technology
Lochiel, Arizona (2/22/03) Operating in a remote area of southeastern Arizona, American Border Patrol (ABP), a non-profit organization dedicated to telling the truth about America's border problems, demonstrated the use of its new high-tech camera that sees at night. According to ABP president, Glenn Spencer, infrared images of the border region were broadcast on the internet. "Nighttime operations present a new challenge to ABP and we hope to learn how to use this camera together with other technology such as new ground sensors to capture images of illegal border crossers in the dead of night."

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