February 14, 2003

American Border Patrol Nabs 5
SBI's Near Headquarters
ABP Finds Five Illegal Aliens Under Bridge

Border Patrol nabs five illegal aliens after American Border Patrol steered them to the hiding place. 
Hereford, AZ (ABP) Feb. 14 -- Following up on a Hawkeye report, personnel from American Border Patrol found five illegal aliens hiding five minutes from ABP headquarters. Glenn Spencer of ABP located the intruders hiding in a culvert under State Route 92 at Carr Canyon Road. Spencer directed the Border Patrol to the location of the intruders and video taped the apprehension.

Get your name on a sensor
American Border Patrol is launching a campaign to place sensors on heavily trafficked routes into the U.S. For a tax deductible donation of $100 or more, ABP will name the sensor after the donor (without revealing identity). To learn more about this program, call Billie at 1-800-600-8642.

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