February 4, 2003

Mexican Army Herds Invaders North
Caught In Act on Videotape by American Border Patrol Hawkeye

Mexican Troops in Round-up
Douglas, Ariz. (Jan 29) (ABP) -- The vigilance of an American Border Patrol Hawkeye paid off last Wednesday when he was able to videotape heavily armed Mexican soldiers rounding up a group of aliens that had collected south of the Mexican border. The tape clearly shows the Mexican troops ordering the aliens to move closer to the border to a point where it is easier to avoid detection during entry into the U.S.

Troops Used Popular Crossing Strategy
Douglas, Ariz. (Jan 29) (ABP) -- It was around 5 pm when ABP Hawkeye Larry Vance spotted the Mexican troops moving into a field just south of the U.S./Mexico border. Vance lives in the area and knows the popular crossing points. He watched as the Mexican troops moved a group of up to 100 invaders toward a wash running north and south that offers cover for border crashers. "They probably had them wait for a shift change to make their move," Vance said.

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