January 28, 2003

Park Ranger Cites Hispanic Heritage for Opposing Border Enforcement

Eyewitness confirms statement
Hereford, AZ (ABP - Jan 27, 2003) Last Saturday a Park Service Ranger admitted a bias against border enforcement when apprehending a border activist on the Coronado National Monument. According to former law enforcement officer Henry Harvey, the Park Ranger told Chris Simcox of the Homeland Civil Defense Organization, "I am Hispanic and I don't like what you're doing." According to press reports, Simcox was arrested and cited for carrying a loaded firearm on national park lands and for an unauthorized "border patrol." In an exclusive interview with American Border Patrol, Harvey says the encounter suggested that someone in the Park Service was out after American Border Patrol. [Other media reports]  See interview | Photos of SBI encounter referred to during first part of interview

From left, William Door, Chris Simcox and Park Ranger.

Coming To America: A Walk In The Park
January 29 (CBS News) -- Night surveillance video taken at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument along the Arizona - Mexico border shows dark spots moving around the RV campers. The spots are illegal aliens sneaking into the U.S. through what's supposed to be a secure and protected national park. -- At Coronado National Park in Arizona, a human convoy walks unchallenged into the U.S. As amazing as it may seem, things are just as bad, if not worse, than before Sept. 11, according to a man who helps watch the park borders. [Don't miss the short video clip linked to this report... click on the word 'video' in the multimedia box on the right sidebar... this is a prime example of the work American Border Patrol is doing. This report is airing on local TV in L.A. -- KCAL-TV-9, with a comment that the huge security lapse must be the responsibility of the Dept. of the Interior.]

Watch for a Special Presentation about ABP on KSAZ-10, Phoenix Feb. 4

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