January 6, 2003

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Border System Failure
Daughter of Head of Hispanic Caucus Involved in INS Scandal

Rep. Sylvestre Reyes, head of the congressional Hispanic Caucus, wants the U.S. to celebrate Cinco de Mayo as a national holiday. His daughter is VP of company involved in border security scandal.
Seattle TV Station Uncovers INS Scandal -- (1/4/03) KIRO TV of Seattle, Washington, has uncovered a scandal involving the failure of a border surveillance camera system that was produced by a company whose vice president is the daughter of the head of the House Hispanic Caucus. According to KIRO, despite failure of the system to work properly, International Microwave Corporation recently received a no-bid contract for $200 million to supply border security systems for the entire U.S. border. "I will have a little trouble sleeping at night and I think all of us should be a little bit worried," said retired Border Patrol Chief (Ret) Carey James.
Update: Also see this March 7, 2003 feature

Civilians Patrol Arizona - Mexico Border
KOLD TV, Tucson - Jan. 4, 2003 --"The United States is being invaded. That is how the leader of Arizona's newest civilian patrol along the border characterizes illegal immigration." Watch

Eyewitness News, Channel 4, Tucson - Jan., 4, 2003 -- "This weekend, the group Civil Homeland Defense launched its first armed patrol on the Arizona- Mexico border." - Transcript - Watch

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