June 10, 2002

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"Homicides are up 80 percent in the San Fernando Valley, and nearly 50 percent citywide, largely because of an increase in gang activity."

L.A. Daily News Editorial
L.A. officials turn blind eye to lawbreakers
"OBEYING federal law and joining the war on terrorism seem to be optional as far as City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo is concerned.

"Delgadillo's announcement was his way of demonstrating his commitment to Special Order 40, the 1977 directive barring police officers from stopping people for immigration inquiries. The reason, he said, for not enforcing federal immigration policies is that fears of deportation might keep illegal immigrants from cooperating with law-enforcement"
Real Audio Listen to Bill Handel (KFI - June 4)

Murderers head south of the border
DotPhotos of some of the gangsters
(Delgadillo's buddies)

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