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November 6, 2001


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Hahn surrenders Los Angeles to invading horde
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It is time for the San Fernando Valley to secede from Los Angeles (Click here to go to Valley Vote --Help save part of California) - Also check out Harbor Vote on the San Pedro secession effort.

Glenn Spencer
L.A. Daily News - Nov. 7, 2001
Hahn: Let Mexicans stay here - Spencer: "..he isn't speaking for the American citizen"
"This is very thin ice for him [Hahn]," Spencer said. "I think 85 (percent) to 90 percent of Americans would oppose this idea, so he isn't speaking for the American citizen. I wonder who he is speaking for. It's time to have an open debate about this." -- Hahn has tried to repair his relations within the Latino community since his attacks on former Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa during the mayoral campaign prompted widespread criticism for bordering on racism.

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