Feature Story
September 24, 2001

Meissner was interviewed on CBS's 60 Minutes Sept. 23

60 MINUTES: So we got a couple of million people entering the country legally and are now illegal aliens and nobody knows where they really are and nobody is really looking for them.
MEISSNER: I think that is a fair statement. You have to understand that in the context of what the priorities of who you look for would be.
TOM FISHER (former INS Atlanta District Director): Well, she was the commissioner, she set the priorities.
60 MINUTES: You think she cold have done more.
Listen to 60 Minutes audio (starts one minute into show)


MEISSNER IS A TRAITOR. She now works for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - an anti- American globalist group. | Also see: DotMeissner and Citizenship U.S.A.  DotMeissner allowed murderers to roam our cities  DotMeissner labeled loyal Americans terrorists DotLamar Smith exposed Meissner

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