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May 16, 1994

Mayor Richard Riordan
City of Los Angeles

Re: Deception

Dear Mr. Riordan:

You and Bill Clinton have a great deal in common. You are both Democrats and you both deceived the public in order to gain office.

The Voice of Citizens Together supported your candidacy when you told us that if elected Mayor you would seek to rescind Special Order 40 which restricts cooperation between the LAPD and the INS. You said this at your Sherman Oaks headquarters. We have sworn witnesses. You now refuse to do so.

VCT worked to get over 2,000 people at a demonstration at Valley College when the President arrived to endorse Michael Woo. We helped defeat Michael Woo because he was behind the sanctuary movement in L.A. Our members went door-to-door to support you.

Despite many attempts to get you to complete our "Feet to the Fire" questionnaire on illegal immigration, you refused to do so. We figured that you really supported us, but felt that it was politically dangerous to say so. Boy, were we wrong.

You support those who are invading the United States. You are selling our seed corn in order to cover up the devastating impact which illegal immigration is having on the budget of the City of Los Angeles.

You can fool some of us some of all of the time and all of us some of the time, but not all of us all of the time.

When it comes to the defense of the United States, I don't mince words. Mr. Riordan, you are a traitor.

Very sincerely,

Glenn Spencer
The Voice of Citizens Together

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