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February 24, 2013

Dear D.A.,

ACTION NEEDED - no matter where you live! One phone call and one e-mail! Five minutes of your time? Please?


Please help save tax-funded jobs, jobs, jobs in Georgia and help us stop identity theft by illegal aliens. This will affect you!


In Cobb County, Georgia we will have a vote on an important ordinance Tuesday evening that would affect the entire state of Georgia if it is passed. We have designed a law that would require contractors who want to bid on public jobs paid for with tax dollars to swear they have signed up for a no-cost federal program that roots out illegal aliens on the contractors payrolls. The system, known as IMAGE , involves an eventual federal audit of the contractors hiring records to find fake and stolen ID - like Social Security numbers and drivers licenses used at hiring. Because many of the big contractors that work in Cobb also work in other counties and cities all over the state, our ground-breaking ordinance would eventually drive illegals out of many taxpayer-funded projects all over Georgia!


There is massive effort to kill our ordinance from the business community! This is a classic case of the powerful Chamber of Commerce and the campaign-donating contractors dictating what laws will be enforced and passed. The Cobb Board of Commissioners voted a unanimous YES to use the IMAGE program last year to check its own employment records and employees. The Cobb County Chairman, Tim-"I'm with the Chamber"-Lee, promised to pass the same law for contractors this year during his re-election GOP primary battle. Another Commissioner, Helen Goreham came out in favor of the IMAGE ordinance just last month, before the real bosses in the state - the illegal alien hiring business lobby - forced her to flip-flop. Helen Goreham has now taken to lying about the ordinance (it only applies to business that want to do work for the county, NOT all business in the county, as Goreham is telling it) and ignoring the fact that we have caught illegal workers stealing public jobs building our new courthouse and schools. Several times.


The key here is Cobb Commissioner Helen Goreham. After coming out in favor of the IMAGE ordinanceand protecting jobs for legal residents, she is determined to vote NO on protecting the tax-funded jobs in Cobb because that is what she is told to do by the $Chamber of Commerce! The same people who sued all the way to the Supreme Court to stop E-Verify in Arizona!


Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Goreham is up for re-election next year and is not too brave or too bright. She is now terrified of the fact that she is getting primary opponents for next year because of her flip-flop on this issue.



No matter where you live, no matter what time of day (you will likely get voicemail). Please take five minutes to call Helen Goreham's office and leave a polite message:


"Commissioner Goreham: We are watching to see how you vote on the IMAGE ordinance Tuesday. We will help any GOP candidate that decides to run against you next year if you betray the people and vote "NO." We know that you have lied about the ordinace and the IMAGE program. We know that you were for it before you were against it. We know that you have flip-flopped for campaign dollars. We will not forget any Republican official that fails to do everything possible to stop illegal workers from stealing our jobs!."


Then: When you hang up, send the same message to Commissioner Goreham via e-mail. Please.



Helen Goreham
District 1 Commissioner, Cobb County - Georgia

Contact Information:

100 Cherokee Street
Marietta, GA 30090-9679
770-528-2606 fax



The vote will be Tuesday night in Marietta. But one more time - it will affect the whole state of Georgia.


There is a bonus: Because I helped organize this effort, the agenda-driven, anti-enforcement AJC has decided to try to effect the outcome by marginalizing me in Tuesday's edition. The reporter has sent me a lot of very unusualquestions and the AJC is clearly interested in killing this ordinance. Thanks if you can help us!


If you want to learn more about this, below I post three letters to the editor in the today's (Sunday) Marietta Daily Journal concerning our important ordinance. One of them is from the two Cobbcommissioners - Bob Ott and Joann Birrell - who are the ordinancesponsors. One is from a real, legal immigrant. And one is from political new-comer Keli Gambrill, who will likely challenge Helen Goreham next year. We hope.


Letters to the editor today ( )


*IMAGE for Cobb would insure that jobs go to legal workers - By Cobb Commissioners Joann Birrell and Bob Ott, sponsors of the ordinance. Official caption: "Sec 2-143. Contractors, protecting jobs for eligible workers, bidding requirements and reducing unemployment."



As stewards of taxpayer monies, it is our responsibility as commissioners to ensure that those funds are spent wisely and with prudence. Taxpayers are suffering in an economy with an increasing strain on the dwindling resources they have. Unemployed legal workers pursue the few jobs that are available.

IMAGE is a tool offered by the federal government, since 2006, to combat illegal employment and reduce the vulnerabilities that help illegal aliens gain such employment through activities such as identity theft and presenting false documentation...  Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - IMAGE for Cobb would ensure that jobs go to legals



Cobb Chamber calling shots on IMAGE ordinance - By Maria Litland, who is a real, legal immigrant.

I am a proud immigrant. This means I came to this country legally. I am sickened to watch the Cobb Commissioners, who have gone back on their word to put the IMAGE program in place for the contractors who do work for Cobb County. It needs to be pointed out that far-left people like Rich Pellegrino who say "we welcome all immigrants regardless of documentation" are not only an insult to people like me who took care to obey the law but are also no different than the lofty business people who are acting against passage of the IMAGE ordinance. The business lobby wants to present themselves as patriotic conservatives who we see in the glossy community magazine in their tuxedos alongside the same politicians who have reversed themselves on voting for IMAGE...Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - Cobb Chamber calling shots on IMAGE


I attended Commissioner Helen Goreham's Town Hall meeting last week at West Cobb Senior Center. While I am sure most residents came to learn about Georgia's new car tax law, I found Goreham's comments on the no-cost federal IMAGE ID-checking program the most interesting. Goreham says IMAGE will cost the taxpayers more. Because after all, according to her, the county contractor will have to recover their expenses they acquire for being certified. I found this to be incredible nonsense. Goreham voted "yes" to have the county itself use the IMAGE system last year... Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - Goreham voting for business community not workers


D.A. King in the MDJ on the NO TO JOBS! commissioners  HERE


D.A. King

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