Citizen's Neighborhood Border Watch Marathon

June 4, 2004 -- Tombstone, Arizona

Between June 6 and June 12, Civil Homeland Defense of Tombstone will be deploying at least 40 skilled civilians into the field to help the beleagured U.S. Border Patrol "seal the border," as was promised by officials of DHS. Twenty-four hour patrols will be conducted in Palominas, a renowned hotbed of illegal alien border-crossers and drug smugglers. Saying that "civil homeland defense begins with securing our borders," Chris Simcox, editor of the Tombstone Tumbleweed and head of Civil Homeland Defense, has promised to guide volunteers from all over the United States to aid the federal government in the performance of its duties.

ABC (Arizona Border Control Initiative) promised to put 250 additional agents in Arizona, supplemented by UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) to track alien movement by June first. A spokesman for USBP admitted that only 25% of the additional agents promised have been deployed, and they are the "Bor-STAR" (Border Search And Rescue) agents, primarily to assist trespassers in distress. Experienced agents are still being "selected and transferred." There are no UAV's to guide agents to their targets, although the technology is available and ready.

While Robert Bonner in Washington blithely assures citizens that illegal immigration is declining, the Border Patrol statistics from the Tucson Sector tell the truth: illegal immigration for FY 2004 beginning in October through May 31, 2004 is up almost 60% over last year, at 337,481 apprehensions. IT is estimated that at least 1,700 aliens A DAY are apprehended crossing the border from Mexico into Arizona. And while the USBP will not release the number of illegal aliens arrested for other crimes committed either in Mexico or the United States, the rate of felony arrests is up over 800% over this time last year!

On Memorial Day weekend, the volunteers of Civil Homeland Defense spotted 150 illegals crossing and aided the Border Patrol in apprehending 45 of them. Border Patrol agents are getting scarcer and scarcer, as warm weather brings more flocks of illegals and potential terrorists swarming across Arizona's poorly-defended border.

Civil Homeland Defense' volunteers will do all they can to "shut the border down" in the Palominas area in June. There will be no charge to the government or the public for this service.

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