January 31, 2013 -- This morning while on one of my thrice daily circuit of my ranch, with three of my German Shepherds, I spotted a US Border Patrol vehicle passing in front of me – left to right – as I approached the border fence. He was moving fairly fast, as if going somewhere.
    As I turned right onto border road, as I do every morning at this time, I watched the USBP turning onto my property – using the very road I use every day. He was blocking my usual route. I passed by that road and proceeded down the border road and turned around.
    As I proceeded eastbound I saw another USBP vehicle join the first. Now they were blocking the entire road. (See video). As I was almost on top of them, they finally moved. (Note: The vehicle on the left is on the road on my property that I use every day. This is the one that blocked my normal route.)
    I take this route three times a day. I have been doing it for almost eight years. The USBP camera next to my property has been watching all of this every day. They know who I am and what I do.
    What I experienced this morning was another example of my government harassing me. Is the Obama administration is trying to send me a message to SHUT UP?

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