January 8, 2013
American Border Patrol Web Site

Spying on Loyal Americans
    These photos (one is a blow up of the other) show a U.S. Border Patrol camera pointing directly at Glenn Spencer who was just finishing a daily round of his ranch this afternoon on the border in Arizona. He is on his property. He was driving a pickup truck with three German Shepherds on board (never faster than 20 MPH). He has been doing this three times a day for six years.
    As he was driving up to his front door he noticed the Border Patrol tracking him - so he pulled out his trusty iPhone 5 and took this picture.
    When the operator saw what he was doing, he quickly move the camera away.
    "The government is harassing me," Spencer said. "This photograph is solid evidence that I am a target of the Obama administration," he added.

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