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November 3, 2007
American Border Patrol

Truck with man in it guards the entrance to the San Pedro River Riparian Area where Granite Construction is erecting a border fence. San Pedro River is to the right, Mexico is at the top of the photo.

This morning Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol heard construction sounds coming from this area so he grabbed his cameras and went to the site. After walking around the orange plastic barrier shown, below, he was stopped by a young man who emerged from this truck. On an earlier visit to the site this past week, Spencer was told this young man was an assistant to the archaeological survey crew working on the construction project. The man told Spencer he couldn't come on the site and he could take pictures. Spencer asked on whose authority. The young man said the Army Corps of Engineers. The man said they didn't want the archaeological site disturbed. Spencer pointed out that he and the man were standing in the middle of a road that had just been graded and it couldn't be more disturbed.

The young man then demanded Spencer's name. Spencer refused to give it to him. Spencer then told the young man he had an aircraft and could certainly take pictures of the site. The young man admitted that he couldn't stop that. Spencer commented that the young man had no authority to stop anything.

With that parting comment, Spencer went to the airport and he and Wes Fleming flew over the site and took pictures.

Here is the same bearded young man looking up at the Border Hawk M. Here is the same man two minutes and a one 360 degree turn by the Border Hawk M later. He appears to be talking on a cell phone - probably reporting the aircraft to whomever he reports.

TOMORROW - Photos of what they didn't want you to see.

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