What is American Border Patrol Building?

February 24, 2013

American Border Patrol building a new kind of drone for the border.  It is a hexacopter.  It will work with the Sonic Barrier. How? 

When the Sonic Barrier sounds an alarm, the hexacopter will fly over and send back pictures of what set off the alarm.  This will give 100% verification of how many people crossed the border. It will then fly back and land and prepare for the next alarm – all automatically.

ABP has lots of experience with drones – having built the successful Border Hawk back in 2004.

But ABP needs specialized parts like a camera mount and equipment housing that would best be built with a 3D printer.  “We are working on fantastic new technology to count border crossers and we have an immediate need for a 3D printer to make specialized parts -  but our budget won’t allow it right now.” said Glenn Spencer, head of ABP. “It’s that old story that for want of a nail a kingdom was lost,” he added. 

Anyone interested in helping ABP purchase the 3D printer can donate here (tax deductible).

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