Sonic Barrier draws interest

American Patrol Report – November 8, 2012

Following a successful debut at a recent border tech expo, the Sonic Barrier (marketed by its inventor, Border Technology, Inc. as IDENTISEIS®) has been receiving added attention.


In one instance, a Bulgarian company actually developed a proposal to use the system – even without BTI’s involvement. 


Last month, an engineer in India suggesting that it submit a proposal to help secure India’s border with Pakistan contacted BTI. 

“As stated earlier, I understand your technologies very well (given my engineering background with Digital Signal Processing) although I have never seen it work, except in a video. I believe you have a promising concept / technology that is different from what others possess which could be bullet proof - one of the reasons I contacted / called you. Having said that, as long as my team is trained (jointly work during the 1st phase of deployment), we could then independently deploy and support your subsequent installations at India,” the engineer wrote in an email. 

Mortar Defense

In the past week, a major military contractor expressed interest in the Sonic Barrier as a means of detecting mortar launches and impacts.  BTI is conducting tests to assess the capability of IDENTISEIS® as a mortar defense system. Early indications are that it should be capable of providing a unique, low cost, mortar early warning and assessment capability.

Patent Pending

BTI says it has a patent pending on the IDENTISEIS® system and its lawyers expect final action by June of next year.

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