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Four years ago I set out to define border security and how to measure it.

I succeeded.


Border security has been achieved when no more than 20,000 people get passed the US Border Patrol

between ports of entry on the southern border each year.


We can count the number of people who cross illegally using a system called IDENTISEIS ® (AKA Sonic Barrier)

Subtracting USBP apprehensions gives us the residual. 

When the figure of 20,000 is reached and maintained, we can debate what to do to 

with those who are in the country illegally.


The plan was first unveiled at the GovSecWest conference in Phoenix in 2011.

I demonstrated the Sonic Barrier system to an Arizona State Senate Committee in March of 2012.

German TV witnessed a demonstration of the Sonic Barrier system in September of 2012.

On Monday, Jan. 28, 2013, I handed a copy of this plan to Az. Rep. Barber, and the head of the GAO's border group, Rebecca Gambler.

On Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013, I explained the concept on BBC's News Hour.


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Border Security First?
Senator's Plan Has A Big Loophole!

New York Times -- January 28  
Senators Offer a New Blueprint for Immigration

This is the plan that must be followed! -- big file

    A bipartisan group of senators has agreed on a set of principles for a sweeping overhaul of the immigration system, including a pathway to American citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants that would hinge on progress in securing the borders and ensuring that foreigners leave the country when their visas expire.
     The senators were able to reach a deal by incorporating the Democrats' insistence on a single comprehensive bill that would not deny eventual citizenship to illegal immigrants, with Republican demands that strong border and interior enforcement had to be clearly in place before Congress could consider legal status for illegal immigrants. [...] 
    Among the plan's new proposals is the creation of a commission of governors, law enforcement officials and community leaders from border states that would assess when border security measures had been completed.
Red Dot
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
My Plan is Honest --- Theirs Isn't 
    On Nov. 15, 2011 I spoke at the GovSecWest Government Security Conference and Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. The title of my presentation was "Grading Border Patrol Performance: Is developing a report card possible?" (See video)
    I gave the paper again, with some refinements, at the Agricultural Media Summit in Albuquerque on Aug. 6, 2012. This time I called it "How to Solve the Border Problem." (Download the PowerPoint – big file
    My plan calls for the creation of a joint federal-state mechanism to determine when border security has been achieved -- just as described in the NY Times story. However, the Senator's plan says the border will be secure only before granting citizenship -- not before legalization. The border must be secured BEFORE any legalization!

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