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Best to Tell the Truth
New law explains Mexican drug war
American Patrol Report -- October 4   
Chart shown on December 30, 2008
    On December 7, Barack Obama signed the "Jaime Zapata Border Enforcement Security Task Force Act''. --- or BEST.
    It includes the following language: Mexico's northern border with the United States has experienced a dramatic surge in border crime and violence in recent years due to intense competition between Mexican drug cartels and criminal smuggling organizations that employ predatory tactics to realize their profits.
So the Mexican Drug War is due to competition between drug cartels.
    Wikipedia: The Mexican Drug War is an ongoing armed conflict between rival drug cartels fighting each other for regional control and against the Mexican government forces. The government's principal goal has been to put down the drug-related violence that was raging between different drug cartels before any military intervention was made.[27] In addition, the Mexican government has claimed that their primary focus is on dismantling the powerful drug cartels, rather than on drug trafficking prevention, which is left to U.S. functionaries.
    So, the Mexican government didn't cause the drug war --- it was reacting to it. And, it wasn't trying to stop the flood of drugs going north --- that was the job of the U.S.
    The only reasonable explanation left for the Mexican Drug War is the one offered four years ago by Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol --- it started after we began to choke off smuggling corridors – thus causing the cartels to fight each other over remaining routes.
    It is always best to tell the truth --- but this time those in power refused to listen --- including the mainstream media.

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