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Attacking Success
Spencer demands retraction from El Paso Times
American Patrol Report -- October 23   
Representatives of the U.S. Border Patrol watch a live demonstration of iDENTISEIS®.
    Last week Border Technology, Inc. presented new border technology at a Border Management Conference and Technology Expo in El Paso. Glenn Spencer, owner of BTI, was not scheduled to speak and was not on the program. He was at the expo, however.
    On the second day of the conference Spencer was chased down by a reporter from the El Paso Times and grilled on his work on the border. Spencer says reporter, Diana Valdez, was very hostile.
    The next day the Times ran a front page story attacking Spencer as a "controversial border 'vigilante'".
    Now Spencer's attorney has demanded a retraction of the "false and defamatory" statements by the El Paso Times.
    "All that Mr. Spencer, American Border Patrol, and Border Technology Inc. do is develop technology which will help enforce border security through technological innovation. It was that technological innovation only which was presented at the conference. Ms. Valdez's attempt to denigrate, defame, and place my clients in a false light is reprehensible and demonstrates extreme bias and uninformed reporting," Spencer's lawyer wrote to the Times.
    "What these people are trying to do is silence me using Saul Alynski's old tricks," Spencer added.
    The technology Spencer's company had on display, IDENTISEIS®, has been praised as the "most important development in border security in years." Spencer says he has been asked to submit a proposal to help India with it border with Pakistan. It seems that some people will go to great extremes to keep the border open --- even if it means the nation of India is put at risk.

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