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Ivie Shooting Mystery Grows
Statements by union, sheriffs don't make sense
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- October 8   
Agent Ivie
     Yesterday afternoon, as I was watching Fox News with a former senior commander with the LAPD, a sub headline kept scrolling across the bottom of the screen that the union representing U.S. Border Patrol agents had decided that the shooting that killed agent Ivie was caused by friendly fire.
    The retired LAPD guy, knowing of my report on the issue, commented that it was highly unusual for an unofficial organization to seemingly take the lead in reporting on such an incident. "They seem to be jumping the gun," he said, noting that investigations of such an incident involve complex questions of ballistics and the gathering and analysis of scientific evidence.
    The Cochise County Sheriffs office said: "It was very dark." It was not very dark. The shooting occurred in the early morning hours of Oct. 2. The night before had seen a full moon and there were no clouds. The agents were only 60 feet apart in a nearly full moon and should have seen each other --- especially since they were on horseback.
    Why would the union jump out in front and accuse its own members of misconduct before all of the evidence is in? Why would the sheriff's office say it was very dark, when it was a bright, moonlit night? Why would the MSM run the claim by the union as if it was the biggest story of the century?
    This entire situation just doesn't make any sense.

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