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Meissner as the Red Queen
"... the cause of all the mischief"
American Patrol Report -- July 31   
     A search of this Web site for the name "Meissner" would turn up 153 stories that included something involving Doris Meissner, former head of the INS. These are instructive stories that reveal a pattern of deceit and subversion by Meissner.
    One of the most instructive is this January, 2003 story:
Terence P. Jeffrey -- Human Events -- January 27, 2003
Meissner's Gift to Criminal Aliens
    There was great controversy in this country over the last-minute pardons President Clinton handed out to select criminals. But almost no attention has been given to the much broader relief that Clinton's INS Commissioner Doris Meissner made possible for an entire class of criminal aliens targeted for removal from the United States by a 1996 immigration reform law. -- On Nov. 17, 2000, she sent a memorandum to the agency's regional and district directors, titled, "Exercising Prosecutorial Discretion." The memo provides "guidelines" encouraging INS field officers to forgo enforcing elements of the 1996 law against some criminal aliens...
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment
    As practiced by Barack Obama, the idea of prosecutorial discretion launched by Meissner twelve years ago has now morphed into full-scale amnesty. We are in an Alice in Wonderland world and Doris Meissner, the Red Queen, was indeed "the cause of all the mischief."

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