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Cinco de Mayo Festival Cancelled
Invite them to 4th of July celebrations!
Santa Barbara Independent -- May 3 
Cancelled: 2012 Santa Barbara Cinco de Mayo Festival
Lack of Sponsors Forces Organizers to Pull the Plug
Are we all Americans again?
    Santa Barbara's 2012 Cinco de Mayo Festival, held every year for the past 20 years in De la Guerra Plaza, has been canceled. The food, music, and dancing scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday in the downtown space across from City Hall was scrapped after volunteer festival organizers didn't secure enough sponsors to put on the event.
    "It's just really disappointing," said Marti Garcia, who heads Santa Barbara Cinco de Mayo Festival, Inc., the nonprofit that's organized the celebration in recent years. Garcia said the rising cost of city fees --- permits for the space, police security for the crowd, and gas and electricity for the booths and stage --- combined with a lack of participation from major sponsors --- like Wells Fargo Bank --- simply made the production impossible to put on.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment   
    When Arizona put an end to Mexican studies programs and passed SB 1070, it sent a message that illegal immigration and subversives would no longer be tolerated. Overwhelming support for Arizona and Sheriff Joe Arpaio across the nation may have sent a message to radical Reconquistas that their dream of a takeover of the Southwest was fading fast. The reaction of the U.S. Supreme Court to Obama's lawsuit against Arizona could well have put a cap on that feeling. Let's hope so, and let's hope that this year they join in the parades and celebrations of America's Independence Day.

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