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SPLC vs. Border Solutions
Attack on Spencer aimed at silencing him
American Patrol Report -- April 13 
Top: SPLC lists American Border Patrol as a hate group -- Bottom: Gallardo walks past Spencer as he leaves committee meeting -- (Source: Cronkite News Service)
    On March 1, 2012, Glenn Spencer appeared before an Arizona State Senate committee. He was invited to show the committee how new technology could be used to solve the border problem. As he prepared to speak, two senators,
    Gallardo and Meza, stormed out of the meeting, protesting Spencer's presence.
    Yesterday Cronkite News Service ran a story about what happened. It shows Senator Gallardo marching out of the committee hearing, complaining that he did not know Spencer was to speak. "There is a reason why they did not put his name on the agenda – they were trying to hide him," Sen. Gallardo told Cronkite News.
    The agenda showed a presentation by Border Technology – but didn't mention that Spencer headed it. One year ago Spencer's name was on the agenda but the SPLC spearheaded a campaign that resulted in his being disinvited to speak before the committee.
    After Gallardo and Meza left the meeting, Chairwoman Allen explained that she had visited Spencer at this ranch and found that the claims by the SPLC were nothing more than an attempt at fundraising.
    "I applaud Senator Allen's courage to stand up to these mudslingers and allow the truth about the border to reach the people of Arizona," Spencer said. "Any fair person who watches what Mike King and I told the senate committee will understand what the SPLC is all about --- keeping the truth about the border from the people," Spencer added.

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