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Sir Isaac Newt? Hardly
Gingrich: "Ignorance in action"
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol -- January 23   
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    In a 1984 book, Gingrich suggested looking at the idea of giant mirrors in space to reflect the suns rays down on earth at night, thus eliminating the need for nighttime lighting on highways. Did he forget to consider what this lighting would do to the earth's climate and life cycles -- not to mention the economic impossibility of such a scheme? Raymond S. Bradley, a geoscientist at the University of Massachusetts, put it simply: "This is not a mainstream idea. It is one of the dumbest ideas I have heard of."
    The excitement over his idea to mine the moon slackens as soon as one doodles a few numbers involving dollar signs.
    Our space adventures have excited the American people, but were they worth it? The moon landing helped defeat the ideas of the Soviet Union, but it was very costly. The space shuttle did much, including the launch and repair of the Hubble space telescope, but there were cheaper ways to do it. And the expensive space station is beginning to fade from memory. It is time for hard headedness when it comes to the role of government, including space exploration.
    Gingrich is a dreamer whose knowledge and understanding is a mile-wide and an inch-deep. His endorsement of the Krieble Red Card program would be a disaster for America. He didn't think it through (or did he?).
    Gingrich stirs up excitement, but as Goethe observed; "There is nothing more terrible than ignorance in action."
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