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Red Card Solution -- Newt's Achilles' Heel
Better print three billion -- November 29  
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Newt Gingrich On Immigration
    Newt Gingrich is distinctive for a lot of reasons. His Tiffany's account of half a million dollars. His resurrection from the dead of presidential candidates. And, more recently, his comments about immigration -- namely that he favors what sounds a lot like amnesty...
    According to Gingrich, "The Krieble Foundation is a very good red card program that says, you get to be legal but you don't get a path to citizenship, and so there's a way that ultimately you end up with a country where there's no more illegality, but you haven't automatically given amnesty to anyone."
    What does it mean?
    Well, we did a little digging into the former Speaker's views -- and found a May 2010 report called The Red Card Solution that has inspired Gingrich's thinking on immigration. [...]
    The idea has a lot of appeal, but like many of the ideas Newt has floated over the years, it might fail the practicality test. Admirably, Krieble tries to find a way to get the system to pay for itself by suggesting that employment agencies could issue red cards and vet immigrants. But that's a responsibility that I am not sure I would want to turn over to the private sector -- who we let into the country -- to me at least should be a function of law enforcement.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment
    As we pointed out yesterday, the Red Card Solution says we can cut the U.S. Border Patrol since everyone will be legal. We would suggest a first print run of 3 billion Red Cards.

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