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Predator Scandal Gaining Traction
Big legit think-tank takes notice
Homeland Security Policy Institute -- Security Debrief -- November 18  
$32,000 per illegal alien? Congress, what in the world are you thinking?
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    This week the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security held a hearing entitled Protecting the Homeland: How can DHS use DOD Technology to Secure the Border? The purpose of the hearing appeared to be how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and law enforcement agencies might be able to take advantage of technology currently used by Department of Defense (DoD) components in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere in the world. If subcommittee members believed that DoD equipment and services could easily be transitioned to a homeland and law enforcement use, the testimony could not have pleased them. [...]
    Even Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Assistant Commissioner for Information Technology, Innovation and Acquisition, Mark Borkowski – who has built a reputation of wanting to tell Members of Congress what they want to hear – got into the act of explaining why DoD equipment may not be a good deal for DHS. [...]
    If they needed evidence of wasted spending of homeland security dollars, they need only look to an article by Mark Hewitt published by The American Thinker, "$32,000 Per Illegal Alien?" [...]
    Whether Hewitt's analysis is still accurate may be open to debate. But even if the Predator's actual cost per apprehension is only half of his calculation, I am still struck at what an incredible waste of money it is relative to other air platforms which are more effective and more efficient.

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