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Fox News reports El Paso fence story -- three years late
Fox News Latino -- October 27  
Fence, Surveillance & Troops Lead to Drop in Apprehensions in El Paso, Border Patrol Says
Apprehensions in this chart are for a two-month average and differ from DHS yearly data.
    A new fence, more agents and updated technology have resulted in a 90 percent drop over a five-year span in the apprehensions of undocumented immigrants along the divide between El Paso, Texas, and Mexico, the U.S. Border Patrol says. [...]
    The El Paso Sector, where on average some 30 undocumented immigrants are arrested daily, includes parts of west Texas and the entire state of New Mexico.
    The construction of the new steel fence along the El Paso border began in 2007 – replacing the endless stretch of simple, wired fences.
    It was completed in 2010, the agency says.
    The fence has seemingly caused a dip in apprehensions. Border Patrol officials say that in 2005 more than 120,000 undocumented immigrants were caught in the in the sector; in 2007, 75,464 apprehension were made. Last year, there were 12,251 arrests, the agency said.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment
    We reported on the El Paso fence in early 2009.
    Fox News was actually reporting that DHS finally plugged a 1.3-mile gap west of El Paso.

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