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The Mexchurian Candidate
Perry needs to answer tough questions
American Patrol Report Comment -- September 22   
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    Tonight candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination will have the chance to ask Gov. Rick Perry about his position on illegal immigration.
    We suggest the following:
    1. In the past six years, fencing at El Paso has more than quadrupled - while apprehensions of illegal aliens fell by 96%. Why, then, would you call the fence a preposterous idea?
    2. You suggested that we should use drones to patrol the border, yet a report by GAO published last week said these drones have serious problems and are not as good as manned aircraft for border protection. Why would you propose a border solution that doesn't work?
    3. You installed a border camera security system, Blue Servo, that reliable observers say is full of flaws and uses video tape to make users think they are looking at a live border cam. Why would you allow a border security system to be mismanaged?
    4. In 2001 you praised NAFTA and called for an open border with Mexico. Have you changed your position since then?
    There are many more issues, such as Texas sanctuary cities, opposition to Arizona's immigration enforcement laws, and support for granting citizenship to children of illegal aliens.
    Finally, a recent report shows that 81% of new Texas jobs went to immigrants -- legal and illegal.

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