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Bachman vs. Perry
We don't need another Texas idiot
Reuters -- August 14  
Bachmann and Perry - a beautiful 2012 rivalry
"This was not the brightest guy around. We always kind of laughed. He was always kind of a joke."
    It was Michele Bachmann's big moment in the political spotlight and Rick Perry stomped all over it.
    Despite her victory on Saturday in the Iowa straw poll, the first big test of the 2012 Republican presidential campaign, Bachmann had to share the national stage with Perry's public leap into the White House race.
    It won't be the last time the congresswoman from Minnesota and the governor of Texas step on each other's toes.
    Both aim for the backing of the same bloc of religious and social conservatives who dominate Iowa's kick-off nominating contest.
    Both hope to become the chief Republican alternative to nominal front-runner Mitt Romney in the 2012 fight for the right to challenge President Barack Obama.
    And both will be in Waterloo, Iowa, Bachmann's birthplace, on Sunday night to speak at a local fund-raising dinner in what looks like Act One of a beautiful rivalry.
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    Rick Perry is an open borders globalist. NumbersUSA gives him a D- on immigration; and they rate him good on the border, when, in fact, he is terrible. Bachman scores highest with NumbersUSA, and we agree. On top of that, Perry is a mental midget -- as shown by his poor grades in college.
    The last thing we need is another bible thumping Texas idiot.

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