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Mexican Army Aiding Migrants?
Camp South of Phoenix Smells of Trouble
American Patrol Report -- March 19  
Mexican soldier running for cover?
    A March 15 aerial survey of the Arizona / Mexico border spotted a camp in Mexico that may involve the Mexican Army. The camp, only about 1/2 mile inside Mexico, consists of cleverly camouflaged "tents" that may house more than one hundred people waiting to cross the border. Most disturbing is a photograph of what appears to be an army soldier running for cover.
    The camp was spotted accidentally when an American Border Patrol survey airplane drifted slightly south of its normal course along the border. (It is legal for ABP to fly in Mexico. It does this by filing a flight plan, giving Customs and Border Patrol radar its transponder code, and checking in with Customs when it lands in Yuma.)
    Glenn Spencer, pilot of the surveillance airplane, said he drifted slightly south while entering data into his navigation system. "It was only the sharp eye of my still cameraman that led us to orbit the area and get some incredible photos," Spencer said. (See these photos)
    Spencer, who has been flying the border surveillance missions for five years, said he wonders how many other such camps could be found along the border and what involvement of the Mexican military there might be. "This camp would be very difficult to spot unless you were right on top of it at a low altitude," Spencer said.
    Spencer had planned to brief an Arizona State Senate border committee on the threat, but the head of the committee disinvited him.

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