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Operation Border Count
ABP's "Sonic Barrier" Will Do the Job
Jonathon Shacat -- Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review -- February 17   
This solar panel provides energy for one mile of a new border security system known as the Sonic Barrier. (Courtesy of American Border Patrol)
Border watch group tests new digital barrier
'Inexpensive' system costs about $200,000 per mile, or about $10 million for 50 miles
    The nongovernmental border watch group American Border Patrol is testing a new border security system, known as the Sonic Barrier, on a half-mile section in southern Cochise County.
    The system can sense people, vehicles, aircraft and even tunneling within 200 yards of the U.S.-Mexico border, said Glenn Spencer, president of American Border Patrol.
    "You cannot get across that half-mile without being detected," he said.
Note: Owing to technical difficulties, the video of the Sonic Barrier System will not be available until Friday.

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