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Preserving Western Civilization
Citizens favor it -- Globalists don't
Athens News -- January 17   
    Three opinion polls appearing in Sunday newspapers indicated that a significant proportion of the public -- as measured by respondents' answers -- favours the construction of a fence along a section of Greece's border with Turkey in Evros prefecture.
    Polls also continued to give ruling Pasok a lead over main opposition ND, while pointing to widespread pessimism for 2011.
    According to a MARC opinion poll published in the Sunday edition of "Ethnos", a whopping 80.3 percent of respondents agree with the construction of the fence in northern Evros -- facing the 12.5-kilometre stretch of land west of the Evros River -- while nine in ten respondents identifying themselves as Pasok and ND supporters believe that a "sweep operation" should be made in central Athens to detain illegal immigrants.

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    Support for the building of a fence along the Mexican border has reached a new high, and voters are more confident than ever that illegal immigration can be stopped.

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