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Reconquista, Not Racism
This Is An Invasion
On The Record With Great Van Susteren -- Fox News -- July 14   
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Senator John McCain, R-AZ: More and more I am convinced that this is all about solidifying the Hispanic vote.
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Republican Michigan Atty. Gen. Mike Cox: It could well be what Senator McCain said earlier that it was a crass attempt to lock in the Hispanic vote going forward.
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Los Angeles Times -- July 14
In wake of controversial Arizona law, Latinos now view immigration as top concern along with economy, new poll shows
American Patrol Report Comment
    Barack Obama is suing the State of Arizona because he wants to solidify his Hispanic base. Since 64% of U.S. Hispanics are of Mexican origin, it is safe to say that Obama believes "Mexicans" want an open border with Mexico. It is also likely that many Central Americans look forward to "One Continent, One Culture."
    Liberals want us to ignore the demographic warfare now underway in America. They want us to ignore evidence that Mexicans seek the Conquest of Aztlan.
    As the battle over the Arizona law heats up, we will finally learn, as I said in 1995: "You won't know you're being invaded 'till you try to stop it."

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