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Open Borders Blitz
Media Pulls Out All The Stops
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New 18-ft high fence at the All American Canal. Glenn Spencer reports that no one has scaled this type of fence near his Arizona ranch. Photo by American Border Patrol
American Patrol Report -- May 4  
    Reports are coming in hot and heavy -- the media have pulled out all the stops to convince Americans to accept illegal immigration and open borders. Last night's CBS Evening News was a perfect example. It featured a woman with 10 children who said her family is fleeing Arizona out of fear of being put in jail.
    Sunday night 60 Minutes ran a story about how people are drowning in the All American Canal between Yuma, Arizona and Calexico, California [Watch]. What they didn't tell you was that last year the Department of Homeland Security built very effective fencing south of the canal. See American Border Patrol [El Centro Sector / Yuma Sector]. 60 Minutes did not report what effect this new fencing has had on drownings.
    "The media do not tell stories of Americans being raped and murdered by illegal aliens because that runs counter to their open-borders globalist agenda," said Glenn Spencer of the American Patrol Report. Spencer said the coming bankruptcy of California will have been caused by massive illegal immigration and the open-borders media crowd. "These people want us to surrender to chaos and mayhem," he added.

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