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Fence Up, Cocaine Down
Is There a Reason?
National Drug Threat Assessment 2010  
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Drug Movement Into and Within the United States
    "Most foreign-produced illicit drugs available in the United States are smuggled into the country overland across the borders with Mexico and, to a much lesser extent, Canada. Overland smuggling methods are relatively consistent however, DTOs [Drug Trafficking Organizations] often shift routes in response to law enforcement pressure, intercartel conflicts or other external factors. Such shifts were observed in 2008 and 2009." 
American Border Patrol – March 26
    There is a strong correlation between miles of fencing and drug related killings in Mexico.
    Now we see a strong correlation between fencing and cocaine seizures. DEA says: "DTOs often shift routes in response to law enforcement pressure." Would that pressure be fencing? Would finishing the fence cut drug smuggling?

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