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Propaganda Blitz
Defeating America's Defenses
American Border Patrol -- March 2 
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    In the next few months Americans are going to be treated to a propaganda blitz aimed at stopping any further construction of a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. A preview of one, The Wall can be seen on YouTube here. It opens up with a young man saying that the U.S. and Mexico are not at war.
    Another film, The 800-Mile Wall, features a number of well-known players in the illegal immigration arena, including John McCain, Doris Meissner, Ted Kennedy, and Raul Grijalva. Probably least well-known is Jorge Bustamante.
    In a March 27, 1995 column in Excelsior, a Mexico City Newspaper, Bustamante argued for dual citizenship for Mexicans who become U.S. citizens. The purpose, he said, was to stop people like California Gov. Pete Wilson from becoming President of the U.S. because of his support for Proposition 187, the California measure that denied taxpayer-paid benefits to illegal aliens.
    "My Constitutional Reform proposal is valid because of what I see coming due to Wilson campaign... Therefore accepting that premise, anyone who wants to defend the interests of Mexico in whichever country they reside, augment their political power in order to make it within that country's rules," Bustamante said.
    Mexico passed the measure and dual citizens can now vote to stop any effort by the U.S. to defend against a Mexican invasion.
  Not at war?

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