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Common Sense
Thomas Paine Talks About Illegal Immigration
Video  We The People Stimulus Package (More than 9 million hits)
    What would have happened in 1789 or 1942, or 9/11 if a top government official [Eric Holder] stepped in front of the people and publicly proclaimed America was a nation of cowards. He would have been run out of the country on a rail – packaged and tar and feathered – at least. But that's what happened in two thousand and nine. And you did nothing. Have you become a nation of cowards, America?
    In the greatest show of arrogance and disdain any congress every showed any citizenry, your dysfunctionally elite, self-interested non-representing representatives passed the largest spending bill in history without reading it, and you did nothing,
    You want them to obey their constitutional mandate and secure your borders, and they ignore you. You ask them to enforce your immigration laws, and they ignore you. You say stop their madness of handing 300 billion dollars from a bankrupted treasury to illegal aliens welfare - rewarding them for making a mockery of your laws – and they ignore you. And now, in defiance of the overwhelming will of the people, are preparing more amnesty programs. You say stop exporting my nation's vital industry to foreign shores, and they ignore you. You say no to using your money to bail out failed, corrupt and greedy businesses, and they ignore you. You say implement the e-verify system so American jobs and go to American workers, and they ignore you.

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