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Story of ABP Blackout Reaches Influential Audience

VDare.com-- January 30

Glenn Spencer Confirms Our Worst Fears: The Media Blacks Out American Border Patrol's Patriotic Efforts
     Here's the anatomy of a media black out.
    I spent the three months preparing for a news conference at the National Press Club scheduled for January 14, 2009.
    On December 10 and January 6, I flew aerial surveillance missions along the border. I then used the mission data, together with data from other missions flown over the past two years, to form the story I would tell in Washington, D.C.
    I've never given a better presentation. I told the compelling and true story, with all its national significance, of our open border with Mexico.  [...]
    Everything was perfect as I put a stack of professionally prepared press packages on a table near the entrance.
    We were ready.
    But no one came.
  Click here to see just one part of Glenn's presentation... four more parts to come.

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