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Blowing Border Bucks
How DHS Wasted Billions

American Patrol Report-- September 13  
What costs more? Top – expand highway from two to four lanes. -- Bottom: Build a vehicle barrier along the border with National Guard help. -- Answer: Bottom.

    The U.S. taxpayer ponied up $2.73 billion over two years to build a border fence. Most of what it got was a bunch of bureaucrats determined to keep the border open and contractors lining their pockets.
    According to the Government Accountability Office, the Department of Homeland Security awarded the Boeing Company contracts totaling $933 million dollars for the SBInet system, of which $122 million was spent building a fence (Page 8). The fence, 32 miles of fairly simple post and mesh design, runs along the desert south and east of Yuma, Arizona cost $3.8 million per mile – and that was last year.
    The rest, $817 million was totally wasted on a stupid virtual fence and useless bureaucrats.
Outrageous Costs
    The GOA reports that, vehicle barriers alone now cost $4 million per mile. (By comparison, an Arizona Highway was expanded from two-lanes to four lanes for $3.1 million per mile.)
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