April 11, 2008

Mexican Mayor Demands Surrender
Villaraigosa Tells ICE to Back Off

September 1996 - Former MEChA leader Villaraigosa advertises march on Washington to demand amnesty. He attended the march and stood with the Mexican Army in front of the Capital. (See our ad that was killed by the L.A. Times.)
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- April 10
    Wian: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is demanding that Immigration and Customs Enforcement stop targeting employers who hire illegal aliens. He says ICE raids are bad for business.
    ...A spokeswoman says ICE has conducted just one major worksite raid in Los Angeles in more than a year. [...]
    Wian: Villaraigosa says he wants ICE to focus on arresting illegal alien criminals and gang members. Yet he still supports the Los Angeles Police Department's policy of not arresting known gang members for solely immigration law violations -- Lou.
    Dobbs: How does this mayor in any way square off this absolutely irrational, contradictory approach on sanctuary, on 287-G, on a host of other elements of our immigration law?
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