March 15, 2008

McCain Waffles on Border Security
"Broad Consensus" returns to Border Governors

McCain on Hannity and Colmes
March 13, 2008
American Patrol Report -- March 15
Comment: Inviting Betrayal    
    Appearing on Hannity and Colmes [click here to watch], Sen. John McCain said: "As president I would have the border state governors certify that their borders are secure. Americans will trust the border state governors."
    Is this true? Do they trust Napolitano? Richardson? Schwarzenegger? Perry?
The present border governors oppose the fence and support amnesty. They would readily certify whatever was necessary to legalize illegals.
    But McCain told CPAC that their must be a "broad consensus" that the border is secure. A group of open-borders governors is not a "broad consensus."
    We must move to define border security and what a broad consensus really is. To do less is to invite yet another betrayal.

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