June 15, 2007

"Border Security in Our Time"
Will Kyl be a second Chamberlain?

Kyl meets Bush
(American Patrol takes liberty with famous photo of Chamberlain meeting Hitler.)
American Patrol
    President Bush is promising to secure the border if only millions of illegal aliens are legalized. Today, people like Senator Kyl think they can finally get "border security in our time" only if they agree to Bush's demand for amnesty.
    Some say this sounds like Neville Chamberlain's concession of Czechoslovakia to Hitler at Munich in 1938.
    In 1938 Chamberlain thought he could avoid war by giving in to Hitler's demands. Chamberlain said his deal with Hitler would bring "peace in our time." It didn't and England went to war with Germany.
    Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006 and has done nothing to implement it. There is absolutely no reason to trust him or the power elite that presently run Washington. They will never secure the border.
    "This is a repeat of the 1986 law," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol, " and the people must demand that the government first secure the border and provide proof of same before even discussing the status of illegal aliens."
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