March 20, 2007

 Mexican Hit Team Gets Another Cop
Texas Sheriff Goes To Prison

Ashley Hernandez: "He knows what he did was right and everybody's supporting him and that keeps him going."
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- March 19
Wian: Former Edwards County Texas sheriff's deputy Gilmer Hernandez was just doing his job that day in April 2005, when he attempted to pull over a Suburban loaded with suspected illegal liens.
    ... One of the shots slightly injured a passenger. The other occupants fled. The Texas Rangers investigated the shooting and cleared the deputy of wrongdoing. Even so, Gilmer Hernandez, not the illegal aliens or their smugglers, is now the one incarcerated.
    Wian: Poe and other supporters want a congressional investigation into how the Mexican government may have influenced both prosecutions. Hernandez could have received a decade in prison.
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