July 16, 2006

The Big Lie
The Big Truth: Republicans Ran From Issue and Lost California

Stupid Republicans Didn't Learn
From Wilson's Win
Washington Post - July 16, 2006
Letter from Washington: Unlikely duo may end immigration impasseAP Internal Use Only
    ..."However, those with the most fervor are generally hard-line conservatives. That presents a political conundrum: Immigration bashing is often good short-term, and disastrous long- term, politics.
    "Twelve years ago, Governor Pete Wilson of California, a Republican, won re-election by going after illegal immigrants. In the process, he alienated Hispanic voters, and Democrats have dominated California politics ever since."

Baloney - The Republicans lost California because they ran away from the issue, not because of Prop. 187. Click here for the proof (originally posted three years ago.)

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