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Unarmed volunteers attacked and terrorized in San Diego, US Flag desecrated
By Andy Ramirez, FBP Chairman
September 18, 2005
Dear Fellow Americans,
It is with a heavy heart today that I write and ask for your support. Yesterday, September 17, 2005, a few of our unarmed volunteer citizens of Friends of the Border Patrol were attacked by the so-called peaceful humanitarians of Gente Unida [Enrique Morones' goons] in San Diego, California, as they were meeting at a gathering point for an orientation and training session.
As many people know, our organization has spent many months training volunteers, including sector leaders, and last month, rank and file volunteers. Though we have been operational for some time, we officially launched on September 16th. We must emphasize that the choice of September 16, which is Mexican Independence Day was not a slap against Mexican citizens. However, can it really be a day of independence for the people of Mexico? Yes, they should celebrate their independence from a colonial power. However, they are less independent today then at any point in their history. Just consider the ever-growing poverty, and increasing violence along the borders, which clearly are controlled by the smugglers of humans and narcotics. FBP wants the smugglers put out of business.
With that in mind, we have been training our volunteers and engaging in tactics that have minimized opportunities for conflict. We have utilized private properties going back to June of this year, in order to lower the dangers that our volunteers may be confronted by. In doing so, we also chose to be unarmed while along the borders so as to present an operation that was based in all ways on the community-based neighborhood watch program. We have coordinated every public appearance with law enforcement agencies.
However, I must personally apologize to my volunteers, and take responsibility for what took place in San Diego. I have spent so much time trying to respond to the responsibilities I have had as the launch neared, that I did not set that extra time aside to notify the law enforcement agencies, which would have prevented our volunteers from being assaulted. This includes a few senior citizens, and people who have served our nation through prior service in our armed services. For this, I apologize to each of our volunteers who were personally assaulted, especially the Captain, whom is a man that everyone in my organization respects immensely, and cares about. No veteran of the US Armed Services should ever have to be confronted by what several cowards did to our fellow citizen and friend. I also apologize to the San Diego PD for not having properly notified them of particular location. I hope everyone knows how much respect I have for law enforcement.
It is truly a great burden I hold for what happened today. A leader has to always consider these things for this is how certain segments of the public behave. However, as a leader, the buck stops here.
Here's what happened. The Captain instructed our volunteers where to meet up and was almost immediately confronted by an angry mob. An American flag was immediately desecrated by being torn away from our volunteers, off its pole, and onto the ground where it was stomped on and kicked. This vile act was committed by an individual who had concealed his face from cameras. We do have video footage, which was released by the volunteer to the media and shown in San Diego on their television newscasts.
Individuals on tape were also assaulting and battering a number of senior citizens. Here's something to consider. These young people assaulted our volunteers, many of whom have served our nation in the military with distinction, which includes senior citizens. To show the footage, which we'll post asap on our website, will absolutely leave you speechless, and angry. The protesters stalked our volunteers around the site, screamed in their ears, were cursed at, physically assaulted and battered, trespassed on private property, and participated in crimes of hate and acts of terrorism.
Again, we will post the tape as soon as possible. However for now, we ask for your help, assistance, and prayers for our volunteers' safety. We have spent several days under siege, and we need your help. Won't you help us put an end to this national emergency at the border? We need you to contact Congress and let them know we need our borders secured, so that unarmed American (senior) citizens do not have to do the job that our government refuses to allow. We need your help to put the smugglers of humans and narcotics out of business. We would like to provide legal aid for our volunteers that were assaulted. Won't you help us provide legal assistance so that those brave volunteers can take these domestic terrorists to court and sue them and their sponsoring organizations? It will take your donation, which may soon be written off on your taxes as we have applied for our non-profit status, to help provide the assistance of an attorney, who can represent people who are victimized by these domestic terrorists. We need your help, so we can assure our volunteers that they will have an attorney that will defend their rights in court.  

The opposition can post on their website, that the Minuteman training was disrupted. However, that was a lie and the media will attest to the fact that we still had several volunteers who were able to train. With your help and support, we'll train many more and together we shall not back down from the supporters of illegal immigration, smuggling, terrorists, murder, and other vile lies. Most important, thank God that none of our volunteers were injured.
Join FBP today and stop the smugglers, secure our borders, and support the US Border Patrol, and our fellow US citizens living along America's borders.
God Bless America.
Andy Ramirez, Chairman
Friends of the Border Patrol


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